Chester County Speaks: Andy sits down with Ray Fernandez

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Chester County Speaks, The Issues

Andy sat down at Penn’s Table in downtown West Chester with Ray Fernandez, Assistant Principal at Kennett High School, to discuss Education.

Andy Dinniman: Hey, Ray. Good to see you. Como estas?

Ray Fernandez: Good to see you, Andy. Muy bien. Gracias. It’s always a pleasure to see you.

Andy: Well, how is Kennett High School doing?

Ray: Everything is going well. As a matter of fact, we just started school this week, and we’ve had a smooth beginning with our students and our staff and thank God everything is going well so far.

Andy: The great thing about America is that different people come and ultimately we’re able to integrate everyone into the society, and each time we bring another group into society and fully be… fully participate in the society, we all grow!

Ray: The opportunity is there for them to be able to take advantage of the educational opportunities and to become someone, to actually have a chance to become successful. And that’s why I champion so much the difference that you have made. For instance, the keystone exam, which you were so instrumental and huge in terms of putting that on hold, you know, because one test indicating that a student should or should not graduate, I think that’s, you know, not providing a fair opportunity for kids.

Andy: It’s pure foolishness. People don’t remember the best score they had on a test… they remember their teacher, who was a good human being, who motivated them like confidently.

Ray: And you were that teacher for me!

Andy: Ohh! And that’s why testing has its role, but education comes about, it’s a human enterprise. It comes through inspiring people. It comes from giving people hope and purpose. Each of us has the ability to pay it forward, and when we do so, that person then can make a difference in even more people’s lives.

Ray: Exactly. I appreciate all the differences that you have made and the champion that you have been for all people, not only in Chester County, but for our entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Andy: Well, that again is very kind of you, Ray, and I’m so proud of you as well, because, we’ve been able… Now, we’re able to do it together!

Ray: Absolutely. But it all started with individuals such as yourself!

Andy: Oh, thank you, Ray. Good to talk with you. Give my best to your family!

Ray: I will!


Stay tuned for more from the Chester County Speaks series in the coming weeks!

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Team Dinniman

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