Dinniman Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action & Conservation Voters

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WEST CHESTER (October 14, 2016) – Three leading statewide environmental organizations – the Sierra Club of Pennsylvania, Clean Water Action of Pennsylvania, and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania – have all endorsed Andy Dinniman for reelection to the Pennsylvania Senate.

“I am honored to have the backing of the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and Conservation Voters,” Dinniman said. “In Chester County, we know how much our open spaces and natural places contribute to our quality of life. Our environment – our pristine streams, clean air and drinking water, rolling fields and countryside – is what makes our region so special.”

“But it’s not just a matter of natural beauty, our very health and well-being depend on protecting and preserving our environment and investing in sustainable, clean and green energy,” he added.

In announcing the endorsement, Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania praised Dinniman’s strong record of support for the environment in the state legislature.

“In a legislature committed to undoing even the most common sense environmental protections, Sen. Dinniman stands out for consistently standing up for the environment and for Pennsylvanians who depend on clean air and clean water,” said McNeil. “Sen. Dinniman’s leadership in the fight for a cleaner future is vital to our efforts in Harrisburg.”

davis20081016_2045-2Article 1, Section 27 of Pennsylvania’s constitution states that: “The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment. Pennsylvania’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including generations yet to come. As trustee of these resources, the Commonwealth shall conserve and maintain them for the benefit of all the people.”

“Pennsylvania’s constitution declares that we have a right to clean air and clean water,” said McNeil.  “Unfortunately, rather than making sure that we live up to this constitutional standard, many legislators have worked to undermine the laws that protect our air and water.  That is why it’s important that we support environmental champions like Sen. Dinniman, who will make environmental protection a top priority.”

Dinniman’s record of responsible environmental stewardship goes back to his days as a Chester County Commissioner when he served as one of the key architects of the Chester County Open Space Plan, which has resulted in the preservation of thousands of acres of natural places, open spaces, and parks.

As a result of his work and that of others, today nearly 27 percent (129,000 acres) of Chester County has been permanently preserved. In three years time, it is expected to reach 30 percent.

In the legislature, Dinniman is a champion of defending Pennsylvania’s waterways, natural treasures, state parks, and forests. He consistently voted against efforts to delay the implementation of Pennsylvania’s Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions, address climate change, and create jobs in clean energy.family-48

He opposed a new law that threatens local waterways by rolling back requisite riparian buffers between new developments and our cleanest and most pristine streams. Almost 20 “exceptional value” or “high-quality streams” run through Chester County.

This past session, Dinniman was an early opponent of a failed bill that called for opening the door to private development in Pennsylvania state parks and forests

Dinniman also continues to work to ensure that natural gas drillers pay their fair share and has opposed efforts to expand fracking. He has repeatedly stood up to pipeline companies who aim to steamroll through local communities with little to no regard for individual property rights, or local land use decision, let alone public and environmental safety!

“Pipelines are having real impacts on real communities that they cannot be ignored,” Dinniman, who serves on the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, said. “The ever-expanding network of pipelines that zigzag Chester County take a toll on both residents and the environment. It is crucial that we make our concerns heard in standing up for our rights to clean air, land and water.”

To stand up for the environment and local homeowners and communities threatened by pipeline projects, Dinniman has introduced a package of bills to protect residents’ properties, as well as agricultural and conservation easements

Dinniman has also called for:

  • A pipeline impact fee (Senate Bill 557 introduced through a bipartisan effort with Senator Rafferty) to support local communities affected by pipeline projects and fund local emergency services.
  • Holding land agents accountableSenate Bill 997 would require registration with the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission and background checks for those who are negotiating land acquisition and property rights for pipeline companies.
  • Allowing municipalities and school districts to tax pipelines as real estate (Senate Bill 905), as is done in other states.

davis20081016_2001In addition, last year, he rallied residents against a commercial well that would pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from an aquifer in New Garden, London Grove, Franklin, London Britain Townships and the surrounding area to customers in Delaware.

As a result of his involvement, Dinniman introduced a package of bills (Senate Bills 992, 993 and 994) to better protect the well water rights of local residents, businesses, and property owners, and holding corporate interest accountable when water levels and streams are depleted or negatively impacted as a result of their operations.

Finally, Senator Dinniman recently earned a perfect, 100 percent voting record on the environment for the third time.

Let’s reelect Andy Dinniman on Nov. 8 and build on his strong record of support for the environment for 4 more years!





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Team Dinniman

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