Dinniman Endorsed by Pa. Coalition of Taxpayer Associations

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Press Releases

West Chester (October 25, 2016)The Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations (PCTA), a statewide grassroots education finance reform alliance, today announced its endorsement of Andy Dinniman for reelection to the Pennsylvania Senate representing Chester County in the 19th District.

In making the endorsement, PCTA noted Dinniman’s record of support and ongoing advocacy for Senate Bill 76, the Property Tax Independence Act, which calls for eliminating the current system of school property taxes and replacing it with a more equitable education finance system.

“Senator Dinniman is firmly committed to the will of the people as expressed in Senate Bill 76, legislation developed by grassroots activists that will forever abolish the onerous school property tax and will finally give legitimate, sustainable relief to homeowners,” David Baldinger, PCTA spokesman, said. “We thank Senator Dinniman for decisively demonstrating his commitment to property tax independence and his impassioned remarks during the debate of Senate Bill 76 on November 23, 2015. The PCTA is pleased to support candidates like Senator Dinniman who are willing to work for school property tax elimination in a General Assembly that has historically avoided a resolution to this issue.

“The Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayers Associations wishes Senator Andrew Dinniman much success in his bid for retention of the District 19 Senate seat,” he added.

The PCTA is an alliance of 87 grassroots taxpayer advocacy groups from across Pennsylvania that is dedicated to equitable education funding reform through the principals and mechanism of the Property Tax Independence Act.

seniors2In accepting the endorsement, Dinniman said he was honored to be recognized for his work on behalf of taxpayers throughout Chester County and Pennsylvania.

“The foremost concern I hear from my constituents is property taxes are too high. I am and I have been dedicated to doing something about it,” Dinniman said. “The property tax disproportionally impacts our senior citizens and those on fixed incomes. It is the only tax that can leave you homeless. And that is not right. That just doesn’t align with Chester County values.”

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-8-56-52-pmDinniman voted for Senate Bill 76 when it was amended House Bill 683 last November. The bill was narrowly defeated by one vote.

“I am absolutely dedicated to property tax elimination or substantial reduction. And I plan to continue to work with my colleagues as part of a bipartisan coalition to get it done,” Dinniman said. “The bottom line is the property cannot continue to sustain our system of education. We need elimination or real reform and I am 100 percent behind it.”

In addition to voting for property tax elimination, Dinniman has championed and supported a number of issues to streamline government, end perks, cut wasteful spending, and reduce educational costs.

  • Dinniman voted to reduce the size of the legislature not once, but twice. He voted for House Bill 153 to reduce the size of the legislature by more than 50 seats. In addition, Dinniman voted for and serves as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 488, which would cut both the House and the Senate by 55 total seats.
  • Dinniman has repeatedly called for an end to per diems – the $175 a day lawmakers can collect for every session day in Harrisburg. Such payments, which come in addition to salary, are supposedly for expenses, yet no receipts or accounting is required. Dinniman is a supporter and co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1117 to do end them and all vouchered expenses. He’s also leading by example – since being elected, Dinniman has never accepted a single per diem, saving taxpayers almost $115,000 in the process.
  • biz-park-1Dinniman is leading the fight against excessive and expensive standardized testing that hurts both taxpayers and students. Since 2008, the state and local school districts have spent more than $1.1 billion on standardized testing and related costs. Dinniman succeeded in limiting the number of new exams and put a hold on them as a graduation requirement. Recently, he pointed out that Pennsylvania could cut such costs by 2/3 by simply substituting the ACT or SAT (which most students already take) for the Keystone Exams.
  • Dinniman has also introduced Senate Bill 731, legislation that calls for the requiring comprehensive financial reporting by the State Board of Education during the regulation process. Currently, the State Board of Education can implement regulations without considering real figures, but only vague statements of cost that do not provide the information necessary. This bill would require that detailed financial breakdowns of estimated costs for new education regulations be provided at key times in the regulatory review process.


Team Dinniman

Team Dinniman

The Friends of Andy Dinniman are a self-professed group of "Dinni-maniacs" who are just as loyal to Andy as he is to Chester County.
Team Dinniman

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