For nearly 30 years, as your Chester County Commissioner and State Senator, I have had the privilege of building a close relationship with the people of Chester County. Now, I have a responsibility to explain why I will not be seeking reelection.

This was a very tough decision, especially knowing just how many of you have already contributed your time and energy to my reelection campaign – from fundraising to volunteering to circulating petitions. However, as I sit at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center with my wife, Margo, who is now recovering from surgery, we both came to the sudden realization this was not the time to run again.

Anyone who seeks public office understands that it’s a family decision. Despite enduring a series of health challenges in recent years, Margo has always supported me. Over 51 years of marriage, she always said “yes” when I wanted to run. Even after a three-month stay at the hospital and Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation, she remained my biggest cheerleader, my most astute advisor, my rock. I remember times during her long hospitalization that I would go to Harrisburg, come home to walk and feed the dog, and then head back to the hospital to spend the night at her bedside. Margo and I have faced some long days and tough battles together, but that is what a real, loving relationship is about — and it only gets better with time.

Even after all of this, Margo again, out of steadfast love and devotion, agreed to support my plans to run in this year’s election. But now it is my turn to be there for her and lovingly support her as we focus on her recovery from a procedure that will allow her to again walk freely and live without constant pain for the first time in years.

As for who is best suited to be your next state senator, that answer is easy:

Don Vymazal, my longtime Director of Government Relations and Policy.

Don, who is well-known in Phoenixville, is the most qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-respected person to lead the 19th Senatorial District. Many of you already know him for his work on some of our most important issues and policy initiatives:

In short, Don has the vision, the passion, and the energy to continue to guide Chester County in the right direction for years to come.

That’s why I’m asking you to stand with me in supporting Don Vymazal for State Senator in Pennsylvania’s 19th District. I am throwing the full weight of my candidacy and support behind Don because I know him and we know what he stands for.

Again, as I write this, sitting beside my wife and family, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by feelings of both gratitude and hope. I cannot help but reflect on my own career and marriage and the idea that “love is love.” I have been blessed to not only serve as your representative, but even more so, to share my life and all it’s ups and downs with a strong, supportive, and committed partner who I love. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, I have also been blessed with good friends and a tremendous coalition of dedicated supporters. I know how many of you supported my campaigns, past and present, through countless hours of hard work. I know how many of you continue to do so and that some of you may even be circulating petitions as you read this. And I know that it’s a lot to ask you now to start over in a new direction with a limited number of days before the convention and petition filing.

But it’s the right choice and Don is the right choice to go forward. So, I ask:

  • As you stood with me and supported me, please stand with and support Don.
  • If you circulated and signed petitions for me, please circulate and sign for Don (****a petition is available here ***).
  • And if you planned to vote for my endorsement at Thursday’s convention, I urge you to back Don.

In closing, please know that I will continue to work hard for you until the very last day of my term. And Margo thanks all of you for the cards and well wishes. Be assured that once she’s fully recovered, we will be out in force campaigning for Don Vymazal for State Senate.


Andy Dinniman

State Senator, D-19


Team Dinniman

Team Dinniman

The Friends of Andy Dinniman are a self-professed group of "Dinni-maniacs" who are just as loyal to Andy as he is to Chester County.
Team Dinniman