Ensuring Our Leaders Answer to You

“Government must operate efficiently, effectively, and with the least cost to the taxpayers. From cutting costs, to reducing the size of the legislature, to eliminating excessive mandates, and holding lawmakers accountable, I’ve worked and voted to reform Harrisburg and ensure that legislative leaders answer to the taxpayers, not special interests.”

– Andy

  • Cut the Size of Government – Sometimes less is more. To cut costs and streamline legislative operations,  Senator Dinniman voted to reduce the size of the legislature not once, but twice. Dinniman voted for House Bill 153 to reduce the size of the legislature by more than 50 seats. He also voted for and serves as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 488, which would cut both the House and the Senate by 55 total seats.
  • End Perks – Automatic per diems – the $175 a day lawmakers can collect for every session day in Harrisburg – must come to an end. Such payments, which come in addition to salary, are supposedly for expenses, yet no receipts or accounting is required. The system of automatic per diems is a vestige of the past that is too susceptible to abuse. That’s why, since being elected, Dinniman has never accepted a single per diem, saving taxpayers almost $115,000 in the process. Furthermore, he is leading the call for an end to per diems and all vouchered expenses and is a and co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1117 to do just that.
  • Reduce Spending – Did you know that state regulatory boards and commissions often implement news rules and regulations without knowing exactly how much they cost? In fact, most of the unfunded mandates on school districts come not from legislative action and bills passed by the General Assembly, but from the State Board of Education through the regulation process. Currently, regulations are approved and implemented without a detailed examination of financial cost, only vague statements and estimates. Senator Dinniman’s Senate Bill 731 would put an end to that by requiring comprehensive and detailed financial reporting by the State Board of Education during the regulatory review process.
  • End Gerrymandering – It’s high time to get political influence out of legislative redistricting. Senator Dinniman is a supporter and co-sponsor of Senate Bill 484, which calls for establishing a Citizen’s Redistricting Commission to redraw district lines. Under the bill, the voters would then approve the proposed redistricting map. The redistricting process was intended to serve the people by ensuring that constituents have adequate representation. Let’s put an end to the political football game that has become legislative redistricting and put the process back in the hands of the voters, to help ensure that their interests come first.


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